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One-stop leading manufacturer of KIOSK Hardware solutions since 2010.

Kiosk Printers/Mini PC/Industrial PC/Barcode Scanner/Card reader/Card dispenser/UPS/PSU etc…

Product Catagories

kiosk printer
Fanless PC
Touch Panel PC
Fixed mount barcode scanner

Our Services

Banking & Financial

Since the advent of ATMs, self-service equipment has been increasingly used in the banking industry.


Medical institutions configure self-service equipment in various halls and inpatient departments of the hospital, which is convenient to use.

self-service payment kiosk

Smart Retail

Self-service ordering and barcode scanning payment can be easily done at your fingertips, without time-consuming waiters for help

access control kiosk


With the popularity of QR code and online electronic ticket purchase, electronic QR code recognition and reading is gradually popularized in all walks of life.

ATM machine


With the gradual expansion of the application of artificial intelligence, many government departments have adopted self-service terminal equipment, which is intended to allow data to run more, let the masses run less, and achieve the goal of “not closing” all day.

ATM machine

Smart Hotel Self-service

Now, customers use the self-service machine to obtain the “room card” to enter the door, which realizes the contactless card issuance check-in, and avoids the hidden dangers of insecurity for the safety of the hotel.

Why us?


Our Kiosk Hardware Solutions with various Printers,mini PCs,Industrial PCs,Barcode Scanner,Card Dispensers,Card Readers.


Ecological service integrating R & D, production, sales, quality control, pre-sales and after-sales technical support.


Ten years of training, experience and strength provide you with better and more comprehensive solutions.


The whole industry supply chain has successfully developed special industry products, and the driving force of innovation is endless.

10 Years Experience

We got rich experience in independent research and development, which can effectively meet different customers ODM requirements.

Great Support

With Strong RD team,professional QC and sales team,we can support your customized inquiry,and offer the necessary technical support.

Customer Testimonials

Kiosk Printer

We have been cooperated with snrotek for over 3 years  and we are very satisfied with their products and service.

barcode scanner manufacturer

After 2 years’ trial cooperation, we finally decide to sign  the agent contact in USA, we trust their products.

fixed mount barcode scanner

Not only the quality but also the service  is good. Last time 3 pcs mini PC failed within the warranty time, they send us the replacement very soon.

sim card dispenser

We got in touch with snrotek for the industrial Pc and Kiosk printer since 1 year ago and the quality is quite good, we will consider doing deep cooperation.

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