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QR & Barcode Scanner Applications

With the advent of the digital age, people’s living habits are becoming more and more efficient. Code scanning payment, code scanning authentication and code scanning access control system can be seen everywhere in daily life. It can be seen that QR code scanning makes digitization more convenient. The same is true for natural industrial production lines. In the process of pursuing a perfect and more intelligent system, scanning and identification technology is indispensable. Today, let’s learn about the application of QR code scanning in life.

Common QR & barcode scanners include handhled scanner / scanning guns and Embedded Fixed barcode scanner. Scanning guns, also known as handheld scanners, can be moved directly, while fixed QR code scanners need to be embedded in some other chassis and must cooperate with intelligent device system software to carry out application. Now let’s talk about the application of common fixed barcode scanners in self-service devices.

1.Self service ticket machine

The self-service ticket taking machines seen in cinemas, bus passenger stations and auto exhibitions are inseparable from the fixed QR code scanner. If the QR code scanner is configured on the self-service ticket taking machine, you can immediately scan the code for identification, match the basic information of users, and issue tickets directly after confirmation by the system, saving time.

2. Ticket checking machine

In the period of epidemic situation, the two-dimensional code scanning machine can be configured at the public entrance, especially at the public entrance, where the two-dimensional code scanning machine can scan the code at the time of epidemic situation, especially at the public entrance; The queuing machine and the reporting machine queue up in turn according to the scanning order. Nowadays, two-dimensional scanners are applied in many subway stations and bus stations, so the application of two-dimensional code scanning is relatively convenient.

3.New retail self-service cash register

Nowadays, many shopping malls have self-service checkout equipment, which can scan the code immediately and carry out clearing normally. It can not only scan the bar code of goods with the scanner, but also provide the QR code scanning payment function, which not only reduces the labor cost of supermarkets, but also improves the efficiency of operation and management.

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