Optional solutions of Snrotek SIM Card Dispenser

Different mobile operators will issue their SIM cards in different formats, which puts challenges to automation and standardization of card vending and issuance applications. SNROTEK along its global partners works to release a series of card dispensers to for SIM card dispensing solutions in every aspects.

1.SIM Card Dispenser with IC Card Reader

SIM Card Dispenser with barcode scanner

To get a proper model suggested quickly for your SIM card dispensing solutions, here are the critical points to mention:

  1. What’s the card size? It may be among the full size, half size, quarter size or 2FF mini size SIM cards; bared or enveloped.
  2. Whether and how you get the cards recorded? Usually, there is a need to read or read/write card (ICCID, IMSI, phone book, SMS etc. ) before dispensing to end user. Most of our SIM card dispensers have their submodels to integrate contact chip reader or barcode scanner.
  3. Other special requests such as multiple hoppers, OS platform, PC/SC reader options.