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Since the advent of ATMs, Self-service equipment has been increasingly used in the banking industry. Previously, some banks have launched self-service counters, but they can only handle non-cash and personal business. Now, the new smart counter has the ability to handle non-cash business and cash business, and can also handle corporate business, meeting the needs of customers for comprehensive business.

In recent years, the banking industry has also stepped up efforts to promote smart self-service equipment, which has promoted changes in business models. Various smart counters integrate modern financial industry and Internet technology, which can greatly reduce the waiting time for traditional banking outlets to handle business, simplify business processes, and enhance the customer experience. In other words, it effectively solves the problems of bank services such as fewer windows, long queues and complicated procedures. The client originally waited passively, but now he becomes an operator with a sense of participation. He can handle it at any time and arrange his own time.

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