Government self-service terminal application:
With the gradual expansion of the application of artificial intelligence, many government departments have adopted self-service terminal equipment, which is intended to allow data to run more, let the masses run less, and achieve the goal of “not closing” all day.

After careful observation by multiple government affairs centers, many government affairs self-service terminal solutions include business license printing terminals, stamp duty self-service terminals, power grid self-service terminals, border self-service terminals, public security file management terminals, court self-service printing terminals, etc.

Since the use of self-service terminal equipment, not only have citizens been able to enjoy a comprehensive, convenient, efficient and intelligent service experience, but the government department has also realized the perfect combination of physical office halls and online halls. Specific performance in the following aspects:

1. Intelligent queuing to avoid misunderstanding

2. Self-service, one success

3. Real-time evaluation, multiple interactions

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