With the wide use of medical cards, hospitals use self-service printing equipment to improve the efficiency of medical services. Self service registration, payment and report printing machines are more and more recognized and favored in hospitals. The printer hardware design of medical self-service equipment mainly adopts the current mature printer all-in-one machine equipment to realize the printing function. The following figure shows the application of snrotek mini pc, printer ,scanner,in hospital self-service equipment.

The self-service printing equipment solves various schemes such as queuing and payment inquiry for patients in the hospital, while reducing cross infection and other problems.

The use of medical self-service machine not only reduces the waiting time of patients and avoids the leakage of patients’ privacy, but also prevents the spread of viruses and bacteria to a certain extent. It has changed the way that people gathered blindly and piled up at the service desk to register and pay for bills in the past, and effectively solved the phenomena of congestion and queuing time of centralized bill collection.

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