Smart Hotel Self-service

With the rapid development of artificial intelligence, self-service face recognition equipment, as the entrance of intelligent society, has ushered in an explosive period of growth. Self service device configured face recognition has been widely used in various industries. For example, bank account opening, pension receiving, pre examination certification, communication operators, entertainment places, kindergarten pick-up, sentry inspection, military restricted area access and other application occasions with industry requirements, accuracy requirements and confidentiality requirements such as access control and attendance management.

However, it is still not widely used in the hotel industry. At present, domestic hotels, B & B and hotels are generally face-to-face contact management. This extensive hotel management mode brings great hidden dangers to hotel safety under the normalization of the epidemic. Now, customers use the self-service machine to obtain the “room card” to enter the door, which realizes the contactless card issuance check-in, and avoids the hidden dangers of insecurity for the safety of the hotel. Users can carry out real name registration system by themselves, such as users’ forgetting documents, just click on “uncarried ID” on the touch screen of the self-service machine, then manually input the ID number. The screen can be recognized through the camera to proofread the faces, and the real name registration system can also be completed. There is no need to contact people in the whole process, and no contact
Snrotek thermal printers ,qr code scaner, serve as printing functions and barcoce scanning functions in the hotel self-service check-in service. They are small and easy to be embedded in various self-service devices. They are equipped with two methods of button cover opening and key cover opening. The front maintenance design can be selected with three colors of black, white and silver to meet the application scenarios of many self-service devices.