Smart Retail

In recent years, with the voice of smart retailing and new retailing, the popularity of mobile payment methods has made many merchants try to apply related concepts to the retail industry in order to reduce labor costs and attract customers’ attention. Many supermarkets have introduced self-service cash register equipment to provide customers with “convenient channels” for “self-checkout without queuing”. The opening of self-service cash register services in supermarket chains is the general trend and also represents the future development direction.

Compared with the traditional manual ordering mode, self-service ordering and barcode scanning payment can be easily done at your fingertips, without time-consuming waiters for help. You can order whatever you like, not only to meet the needs of consumers’ personalized dining experience, but also Relieve the pressure of passenger flow during the peak dining period in the restaurant ordering area.

At present, many restaurants of McDonald’s and KFC are launching “self-service ordering kiosk”, which bring new tastes to customers through technology. In the future, stores and terminal suppliers will continue to optimize product services based on pilot feedback to enhance user experience.


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