The application of QR code is becoming more and more extensive. What is hot is the combination of QR code and o2o mode, which uses the reading of QR code to drain online users to offline businesses. Ma Huateng, a Tencent company, said that “QR code is a key entrance online and offline”. The application of QR code is undeniable. As long as enough user groups are cultivated and combined with a good business model, QR code will become one of the most powerful tools to bridge reality and virtual reality. With the popularity of QR code and online electronic ticket purchase, electronic QR code recognition and reading is gradually popularized in all walks of life.

Scanning QR code equipment, also known as QR code reader / QR code scanner, is the core component of QR code hardware decoding equipment. The QR code scanning equipment can automatically scan one-dimensional, two-dimensional and bar code information on paper, mobile phones and other media, and carry out QR code decoding and data transmission. According to the application scenario, it can be divided into embedded QR code scanner and fixed QR code scanning platform.

The ticket is printed with two-dimensional code, and the identity is identified through the gate scanner, which can quickly identify and reduce the time of queuing for manual ticket inspection, so it is paperless and green; Digitize all information, facilitate the implementation of real-time monitoring with the management network of the management department, and facilitate recording and maintenance!

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